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Adirondeck Styled Set of Two Chairs and a Table
Hanging Bells
Recycled Redwood Furniture
Adirondack Style Chairs and Table, attached
String of fish, sassafras wood
These wonderful Adirondack style chairs, benches and tables add character and comfort to your garden.

Garden Furniture

Misting Tree
Imagine this is you, enjoying the misting tree on a scorching summer day..
Constructed out of copper, these elegant copper sculptured trees have a lovely patina, just right for any garden setting.
When hooked up to a garden hose, the tips of the branches exude a fine mist, perfect for hot summer days. 
Misting and Rain Trees
Placed in a greenhouse or amidst ferns or tropicals, these misters can provide the needed moisture for your 'sensitive' jewels.
Wooden String of Fish
For no particular reason, except that they are lovely, and we love fish!
Turn it on for children to play under or place a lawn chair close by to cool you off on hot days.
The tree can also be used as a fountain in your pond when attached to a recirculating pump.
These trees are also available with fixed or spinning sprinkling heads that make your garden sprinkler into a work of art.
Water coverage is 20 feet in diameter, depending on water pressure. Includes steel fork for anchoring in the ground.
Sprinkling Headed Tree
Rain tree
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Available in sets of two chairs and a table, 'tete-a-tete' set with attached table between, and as a loveseat.
Fashioned out of  redwood, they begin a bright golden red color, and if left untreated will weather to a stylish shabby-chic grey.
Set of two chairs and a table
Set of two chairs and a table, attached
Recycled Redwood Furniture
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