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Dwarf Conifers are slow growing, low maintenance, and come in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures.
We have one of Sonoma County's most extensive collection of Dwarf Conifers, hundreds of specimens and varieties from which to choose.
Scott Wilson, owner of Pond and Garden Nursery, is recognized in Sonoma County as an authority on trees.

He can tell you all you want to know about dwarf conifers, and Japanese Maples, as well as any number of conifers and other trees.

He will help you find just the right tree for your landscape or pondscape needs.
If you are not familiar with these little gems, its about time to get yourself informed!
dwarf conifers on shelves, second picture
Dwarf Conifers, picture 1
Dwarf Conifers, picture 2
Dwarf Conifers, picture 3
Scott WIlson
Spring is the very best time of year to see Japanese Maples.
Here you will find over a hundred different types of Japanese Maples selected by Scott for their beauty, hardiness and suitability for the discriminating gardener.  The range of color and the delicate beauty of these trees is not to be missed.
Come and see us, let us take your breath away!
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