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In Sonoma County, beautiful northern California - 6225 Stony Point Rd - corner hwy 116 and Stony Point, Cotati, 94931
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Fish on a string
Fish on a string
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As you wander through the nursery, you will discover these little buddas, koi and other statuary nestled amongst the ponds and plants. 
Any of these gems would make an excellent addition to your garden.
Two More Ceramic Bowls
Two Ceramic Bowls
Ceramic Bowls on Shelf
Hanging Bells
Koi Figures, Face  and Bamboo Spout
Two Buddas Sitting
Reclining Statue

Garden Statuary

Ceramic Bowls

Tall Ceramic with Bamboo Spout
We carry a large assortment of ceramic bowls, suitable for any number of uses - small ponds, bonsai, pondsai .. you decide!
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