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New  Shipment!
These river rocks were hand selected  from the Mad River in Humboldt County.

Their brilliant colors come to life when placed in water.
Rain Chains are a lovely addition to your garden, replacing your traditional closed downspouts with the soothing sound of trickling water.
Bamboo Spouts are a graceful, and natural looking way to raise the water up from your pond and redirect it to the center, or to another vessel,  creating a lovely, soothing sound.
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Bamboo Spouts
Rain Chains
River Rocks
These water spouts are expertly crafted using the world's finest bamboo materials.
Available in multiple sizes, these spouts  are easy to install, and can be placed  in a number of different configurations.
They can provide interesting and effective alternative to waterfalls.
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Bamboo Spout
Bamboo Water Wheel
Small Pond in Tall Ceramic Bowl with Bamboo Spout
Wine Barrel Pond with Tile Liner and Bamboo Spout
Bamboo Spout Display
River Rocks from Madd River
Rain Chain close-up, showing individual sections
Rain Chain, an artful alternative to traditional rain gutters.
They are a treat to listen to, and can transform a plain downspout from an annoying drip into a pleasing water feature.
Garden Goodies
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Two Piece Pond Alligator
These lucky cranes make a great addition to your pond, either as interesting decor, or piped to be part or your water feature display.
This two piece alligator, placed in your pond, or lurking amongst your shrubbery will surely bring a smile to the faces of your guests.