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Miniature Less than 3 inches 2 - 3 feet
Dwarf 3 to 6 inches 3 - 6 feet
Intermediate 6 to 12 inches 6 -15 feet
Large more than 12 inches over 15 feet
The American Conifer Society seperates conifers into four general conifer size categories
Dwarf conifers are an excellent ornamental resource, with their wide range of color, shape, texture and low maintenance requirements making them an excellent choice for any number of landscape and pondscapes schemes.
Dwarf Conifer, lovely and lush
Dwarf Conifer, a shade of blue
Dwarf Conifer showing  brilliantly colored new growth
What are Dwarf Conifers?
Dwarf Conifers are simply smaller versions of their more familiar cousins. They are smaller because they grow more slowly, not because they have an inherent maximum height or width.

For example, a native Hemlock might grow to 25 or 30 feet in 20 years, but the dwarf variety might reach only 2 feet in that same time.

Dwarf Conifers take a very long time to reach their mature height, and also tend to have a shorter mature height than their standard-sized relatives when fully grown.
Dwarf Conifers have a full range of textures ranging from compact, short needles to soft, feathery foliage. You will also find the long, diffuse needles of the pines and tight but soft needles of the arborvitae.
Dwarf Conifers come in a variety of colors. Many varieties have yellow, blue, or purple foliage, and others are bicolored with variegated patterns.

Some have new growth that highly contrasts with the old growth, resulting in a different appearance at different times of the year, and many bear colorful cones or fruits to brighten up a winter garden.
Dwarf Conifers are extremely easy to maintain - that's what makes them such perfect landscape plants.

They naturally grow into the desired shape you bought it for - without pruning or shearing! All they need is an adequate amount of water
We have Sonoma County's  best selection of dwarf conifers.
Here are just a few!
Dwarf Conifers come in an variety of shapes and textures to fit just about any available spot in your garden and pondscape.
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Here are some of the shapes you will find:
Globose - rounded and ball shaped
Narrow Upright - taller than wide
Pendulous - have hanging, or 'weeping' branches
Broad Upright - boxy, equal width and height
Spreading - more wide than tall
Prostrate - hugging the ground, like carpet
Conical or Pyramid - taller than wide, but wider at the top or bottom.
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Dwarf Conifers