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This page isn't yet complete, but we thought you would enjoy looking at a few of the plants available at Pond and Garden Nursery.
Pond and Garden Nursery is a Full Service nursery, with an emphasis on ponds, koi and other pond dwelling fish and critters, pond supplies, and aquatic plants.  Additionally we carry a fine selection of terrestrial plants, trees, succulents, and more.
Succulent plants are water-retaining plants adapted to arid or dry climates or soil conditions. These plants store water in their leaves, stems and/or roots, or sometimes in combinations of these places.
By utilizing all or most available moisture, succulents can live in environments where most other plants don't stand a chance.
The storage of water often gives succulent plants a more swollen or fleshy appearance than other plants.

Dwarf Conifers

Dwarf Conifers - Volume 3
Dwarf Conifers - Volume 1
Dwarf Conifers - Volume 2
We have one of Sonoma County's most extensive collections of dwarf conifers. 
Our Conifers have their own page, but here are some pictures, a small sample of our extensive collection.

Our Greenhouse

Our greenhouse is a real treat to visit

Here you will discover a stunning and colorful selection of bromilliads, coleus, and a large array of rare an unusual plants.

Although most plants are not for sale, you can get some great ideas here for decorating your own special hideaway.

An old bathtub, mirrors, benches, combinations of plant textures and colors - these are some examples of things you will see.

We also feature unique floor tiles by local artist, John Lamos.
Pond and Garden Greenhouse
(Latin succulentus, from succus, juice)

Water Plants

water plants


Our name is Pond and Garden Nursery, and we are .... Hosta-holics.

We can't help it. We love them.  There are so many different kinds, and each is unique and beautiful. We have found that it is impossible to have just one.
(We should probably warn you that you will fall in love with them, too, and you may become one of us.....)

We have one of the largest selections you will find anywhere in Sonoma County.
Here is a selection showing just some of our beauties. If you find one you like, or if you want one you don't see, give us a call, and we can most likely get it for you.

Our Hostas have their own page, but here are some pictures, a small sample of our extensive collection.
'Lotsa Hostas' - some of our collection
We have a wonderful collection of water plants.

Many we grow ourselves, which enables us to sell to you at a great price.

Our Water Plants have their own page, but here are some pictures, a small sample of our extensive collection.
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