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Japanese Maples are thought by some to be the most beautiful of all trees.
Their varieties of shape, color, size and leaf style give them a versitality not acheived by many others. 
During the summer, many turn lime-green colored or bronze, while others maintain true red or green.
Japanese Maples, botanically speaking, are Acer Palmatum; acer, meaning acrid (the Maple genus); also from a Latin word meaning sharp, referring to the hardness of the maple wood of soldier's spears; and palmatum, meaning shaped like a palm of the hand.
Japanese Maple, red and upright
Peaches and Cream
Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple
The first thing most people will comment on is their gorgeous color.

Their colors can change with the seasons.
Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple - Enkan
Some selections are variegated year round displaying several seasons worth of color at once.
In fall, the traditional yellows, golds, oranges and scarlets are enhanced by purples and blues.
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Japanese Maples

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Spring finds most colored in pink, orange and red.
Acer Palmatum Beni Schichiheng
Acer Palmatum Ichigyooji
Acer Palmatum Itami Nishiki
Acer Palmatum Kinran
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In winter, when the beauty of the vibrant leaves has fallen, the trees graceful structures of textured and colorful bark become visible and are as exquisite as the lush color of warmer months.
Acer Palmatum 'Lion's Head' in winter
Acer Palmatum Sango Kaku 'Coral Bark'
Acer Palmatum 'Lion's Head'
in winter
Acer Palmatum Sango Kaku 'Coral Bark'
This beautiful coral bark is sought after
for use in flower arrangements.
Japanese Maple winter bark
Acer Palmatum bark,
in winter
Acer Palmatum  'Japanese Sunrise'
Acer Palmatum Koganesakae
Potted Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple, Golden Red Leaves
Acer Palmatum
'Japanese Sunrise'
Acer Palmatum Koto No Ito.
Acer Palmatum Koganesakae, with it's lovely green bark
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