This truly beautiful American breed is slim and lean and needs plenty of swimming space.
The single tail fin is as long or longer than the body in high quality fish and each lobe comes to a point.

All the other fins of the
Comet are much longer than the normal single tailed breeds.

Available in a range of colours from yellow through to orange, and intense reds nearing scarlet.
Comets have a lifespan of approximately 7 to 14 years and thrive in temperatures close to freezing. They can grow to reach 12 inches in length.
They first appeared in the ponds of the Fish Commission in Washington in the early 1880's. Mr. Hugo Mullertt was the first person to place Comet goldfish onto the market in quantity.

They can be differentiated from the common goldfish by a long, tall, flowing tailfin. .
red comet goldfish, view of tail
red comet goldfish, forward facing
red comet goldfish facing left
The Comet is a commonly kept form of goldfish, the only type to have originated in the United States.
They are quite hardy and will do well in an outdoor pond, as well as in indoor cool-water aquariums.

They should not be kept in "goldfish bowls", as they grow much too large and require frequent water changes and/or filtration.
lighter orange comet goldfish, side view
The humble Comet is always readily available, very hardy and fares well in every situation from goldfish bowl to the outdoor pond.
Calico Comet, side view
Another is the Calico Comet which appears to be very much similar to the shubunkin, a calico - only single tailed breed.
One is the Sarassa Comet, which has a red and white pattern.
Sarasa Comet facing away into mirror
sarassa comets top view
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There are several different varieties of Comet.