Sonoma County Farm Trails
Sonoma County Farm Trails
Sonoma County Farm Trails
Pond and Garden Nursery
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In Sonoma County, beautiful northern California - 6225 Stony Point Rd - corner hwy 116 and Stony Point, Cotati, 94931
Serving Sonoma County for 15 years !
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Sonoma County Farm Trails

Pond Services

Pond Liners
UV Sterilizers

Over 120 Varieties of Water Plants

and more

Pond Supplies

Garden Sculptures

Come see our beautiful collection of Hand Selected Imported Japanese Koi.    Ask us about shipping directly to you.
Shubunkin, Comets, Fantails, Chinese Hi-banded Sharks, Rainbow Dace, Turtles and Bullfrog Tadpoles
Garden Goodies
Bamboo wheels and spouts, buddhas, ceramic water bowls, rain chains, misting and sprinkler trees, cranes, statuary, driftwood -  all  manner of little treasures to tuck into  those special places in your garden.
Pond and Garden Nursery offers products, service and expertise far above beyond that available at any other koi and pond supplier in Sonoma County.   Impressive?    You bet it is!
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Imported Japanese Koi

One of the largest retail outlets in the Bay Area
to specialize in dwarf conifers, water plants, koi, and pond features.
Located in Cotati, in the greater Santa Rosa Area
of Sonoma County
Sonoma County Farm Trails
Other Pond Dwellers
Fish Food
Fish Medications
Plant Food

Garden Furniture

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Pond and Garden Nursery
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Sonoma County Farm Trails
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We are a full service nursery, with an emphasis on ponds, dwarf coniferskoi and other pond dwelling fish and critters, pond supplies, pond cleaning and maintenance, and aquatic plants.
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Japanese Maples

Dwarf Conifers
The nursery is filled with rare and beautiful dwarf conifers, gorgeous Japanese and other maples, dogwoods  and many other amazing trees and plants from the highly acclaimed Buchholz and Buchholz,  Stanley and Sons and Iseli Nurseries !
We have the biggest and best selection of Dwarf Conifers in Northern California !
You will find Sonoma county's largest and most diverse collection of dwarf conifers, hundreds of varieties of hostas, an exquisite selection of japanese maples, succulents and other exotic plants and trees.
New Spring Shipment!
Come on down and  check out the new arrivals from Buchholz and Buchholz Nursery..  Lots and lots of new offerings that will make stunning additions to your garden year round.
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Offering a complete pond supply line, with the best products and supplies for your pond, including

New Stuff!

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